Representative Past and Current Industry Clients include:

  • Golden State Lumber
  • Sierra Point Lumber
  • Laner Electrical Supply Co.
  • Steve Rempe Construction
  • Raymond Somberg dba The Builder
  • Castle Constructors
  • Kunstbau + kids
  • Akota Builders
  • Paul Melish Builders
  • Saunders Construction
  • Bray Construction
  • Association for Educational Development (Opus Dei)
  • PacifiContract
  • Code Plumbing
  • Forbes Plumbing
  • Diversified Truss
  • Division 7
  • Solano/Napa Builder's Exchange (SNBE)


We've developed in house mechanics lien programs for many of our industry clients, have settled those lien claims that the in-house staff could not collect, have tried numerous lien collection cases to verdict, and have handled post settlement and trial periodic payments with the debtors.

Neutral Dispute Resolution (Neutral Case Evaluation, Mediation, Arbitration and Large Project pre-funded Dispute Resolution Boards): Though by definition this work is confidential, Kate Warner has hundreds of hours of experience and training and has been qualified to serve in all of these roles. In addition, she is a panelist for the Marin County Mediation service, the Arbitration Panel and the San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints. She has acted as the Judicial Arbitrator for numerous Marin County Superior Court cases, and to date, all the decisions have been final.