About KWCL

Built on experience

Construction Law is a specialty that requires appreciation, understanding and respect for the people involved, the physical realities of the work, and the possibilities AND limitations of the materials.

It demands an understanding of the interplay between the Owners, the real world and the trades, a well-developed sense of humor, and a very thick skin. Demonstrated experience with all of these is our firm’s key attribute.

In KWCL’s transactional work, we provide Owners, Builders and Designers the ability to craft agreements that fit the project, the people and the goals, while aiding them to navigate the virtual minefields which regulations, statutes, and insurance realities inject. 

Before starting on a project or trading contract forms and edits, we strive to persuade all parties to prioritize direct communication and clearly define their duties, making sure that everyone involved has appropriate and realistic expectations.

Construction claims and disputes can arise between or among Generals, Subcontractors, Architects, Engineers and Suppliers, or between Owners, licensing agencies, permitting and planning agencies and any or all of them, either during or long after a project has been completed. When they do, the often byzantine layer of insurance issues are added. These can entirely derail the resolution of any dispute and/or the project it involves.

Since 1983 KWCL has managed, handled and resolved all such types of projects, disputes and claims and, in doing so, has formed solid relationships with respected industry experts.

From this group KWCL can assemble an experienced and targeted team that can quickly, candidly and accurately advise regarding practical and efficient solution options, and provide the factual and evidentiary support necessary to address insurance coverage, funding issues and provide critical litigation input

In addition to prior clients, opponents and counsel, our case referrals include large (and small) builders and developers, Building Inspection and Permitting Departments, Manufacturers’ Representatives and Specification Departments, as well as project managers in virtually every trade and specialty. KWCL has handled Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial and Residential projects.

Representative Past and Present Special Masters we’ve worked with:

Tom Castle, William Nagle, Peter Dekker, Sarah Burke, Claudia Hagadus Long, Lawrence Baskin, Gary Ragghianti, Bruce Edwards, Jonathan Margolis, Jerry Spolter, Randolph Wallace, Gordon McClintock, William Pagano, Judge Ronald Sabraw; Judge Margaret Kemp, Judge Alfred Chiantelli, Michael Ornstil, Ron Kelly, and John Griffiths.